nulawlab Project

Veteran Caseworkers Triage Platform

Nulawlab worked with Stateside Legal using the the co-design process to address how might we better understand and classify the specific types of legal services available to veterans and their caseworkers on a national level. We worked closely with Stateside Legal and a variety of caseworkers and service providers to understand the specific legal services that are provided by various organizations across the nation. As an aspect of this project, we worked together to create a robust online national survey to better understand what legal services organizations provide across the country, whether services are geographically limited or not, and how organizations prefer referrals (e.g. online intake or phone). This process has and will continue to inform the development of an online platform that links folks with the right service based organization in the right location when they complete the triage process on the Stateside Legal website.

 The project is currently live and can be found here.

This is our second project with Stateside Legal. Our first project engaged directly with women veterans and multidisciplinary stakeholders to collaboratively design a mobile technology outreach tool that provides underserved women veterans with information about their legal rights and available benefits. Learn more

This project was funded by the Legal Services Corporation through a Technology Initiative Grant. This program seeks to improve legal services delivery to the low-income population and to increase access by low-income persons to high-quality legal services, to the judicial system, and to legal information. 

Our partner Stateside Legal offers a robust and informative website created for members of the military, veterans, their families, and advocates. Their goal is to help individuals:

  • access benefits
  • find free legal help, and
  • to better understand the legal issues that members of the military, veterans, their families, and advocates are facing.

Top Image credit: By Army Medicine [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image credit: Buddpaul [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons