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This Land Project

For this project the NulawLab has created a partnership with April De Simone, one of the co-founders of Designing the WE (dtW),  is a for-benefit design studio positioned within the fields of social innovation and community driven social, cultural and economic development. dtW facilitates collaborative processes to redefine how big picture systemic challenges are approached, identify opportunities for action, and co-design more holistic and resilient strategies centered on positive transformation.

A few of our law students have been researching existing land tenure models to identify their positive and negative attributes, and ultimately recommend an organizational structure that could support a long-term, stable, high-quality, affordable living space.

A successful framework is one that fosters a sense of community and belonging, places control in the hands of the local community, attracts private investors and lenders, and guarantees affordability in the long-run. Stay posted to our learnings and outcomes as we continue to research and collaborate. Learn more about our amazing project partner- Designing the WE.

Image credit: By Klest (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons